A Mother’s Hope

Ayella Mary’s mother has been in better spirits since the first meeting about the new school in their village. She has been talking with fellow mothers about what they can do to help make quality education possible for their children.


She knows her husband and sons will not help in the construction of the school and is depending on men from other families.

Mary and she are up before the sun rises to prepare breakfast. After they have eaten, they begin the 2-kilometer journey, hoes in hand, to the site of the new school.

When they arrive, they are both hot as the temperature has already reached 35 degrees. Neither seem to be bothered by it as they begin to dig the hard, red soil along with others from the village.

“Mum, when will I begin school?” Mary asks eagerly.

“As soon as we have finished the buildings.”

As Mary’s mother continues to dig underneath the hot sun, she imagines a future for Mary full of learning, full of opportunity.

Learn more about how you can help provide quality education for the children of Africa.

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