Quality Education’s Impact

-written by Elizabeth Onekalit

The impact quality education has on a child is astonishing. Just ask Lisa Coggin from Our Call Missions.

“We are seeing change in the children in less than a term.”

The children Our Call Missions is helping to educate within the remote villages of Uganda had never set foot in a school before the Village Learning Centers were established.

The learning centers have been so successful that one man from town has asked, on more than one occasion, if he can send his children to the learning center instead of the government school where he teaches, because he, “hears there is learning going on in this place.”

“Roots to Fruits helps children learn to reason and process. The curriculum used in the government schools teaches fragmented information geared towards a test taken in the 7th grade.”


The man who wants his children to attend the village learning center asked the educators if he could give the pupils in the village a test he gives to his pupils in town. He informed the educators that his pupils did not score above 60%. When given the test, the majority of pupils in the village scored well above those going to the government school. He was in shock.

If you give children the opportunity at a quality education, they are not just going to learn, they are going to thrive. And thriving is exactly what is happening in these remote villages of Uganda.

Donate now to help more children in Uganda receive a quality education like those in the village.

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