Navigating Giving in an Information- Overload World-How Our Call Missions Makes it Easy

-written by Elizabeth Onekalit


As you watch television, scroll through Facebook, read your favorite blog, or check out the latest on Instagram and Twitter, it is inevitable you will come across something that pulls at your heartstrings-that makes want to learn more.

Throughout your life, you’ve probably been inundated with organizations across the world and how (for just the cost of a cup of coffee) you, too, can support-insert said cause. Information overload can be hard to navigate, making it difficult to discern what an organization actually does and whether the support you give is going towards what you intend-herein lies the looming question, are those organizations really putting their money where their mouth is?

There is one way to find out…

Do. Your. Research.

Researching the transparency of Our Call Missions is as easy as one click, and you’ll find our mission is important yet simple.

We at Our Call Missions…

know the people with whom we work.

know the people with whom we work are fearfully and wonderfully created individuals.

live in country.

visit the people involved in our programs.

assess our programs for areas of praise and areas of improvement.

encourage the people in our programs to embrace their native culture, to be proud of where they come from, to realize their contribution to the world.

We are people who live and work with indigenous people to improve the quality of education in Uganda and share the love of Jesus Christ.

Instead of sifting through an overwhelming amount of, “What exactly does this organization do?”, click on one simple link and easily navigate who we with Our Call Missions are (people) and how you can support us simply-affecting hundreds of thousands of Ugandan children for a lifetime.




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