When You are Rooted and Grounded in Love

-written by Elizabeth Onekalit

When you step into a church in Uganda, if you aren’t paying close enough attention you might miss the pastor collecting money from people who need prayer or the subtlety of the message on believing enough to be the first person in your village to drive a car.

This teaching is called the prosperity gospel. If you just do enough, you’ll get whatever you want, and strangely enough, it’s also where God rules with an iron fist and grace is unheard of.

You can imagine how hard it would be to have a personal relationship with Jesus if you were taught this is who He is.

Let’s shift gears…

If you think back, was there ever a time in your life when you were told that you weren’t going to be able to go to school? This is what happens to thousands of Ugandan children every year.

Now, take what Ugandan children are being taught in church about God, add into that mix illiteracy and the devastating results are imprisonment to whatever they are told, because there is no other way they are getting their information. This happens generation, after generation, after generation.

If by chance, the children do get to go to school, they are taught using the rote method, which is memorization based on repetition.

When you walk by most schools on any given weekday, you will hear the teacher saying a word and the children repeating it back and forth, back and forth.

If all the children are doing is memorizing, they are not learning to reason or process any of that information.

There is no who, what, when, where, or why to the information they learn, which in turn produces a very robotic society enslaved to those who are teaching, in whatever capacity.

Our Call Missions is trying to provide a quality education to these children by writing a Christian Curriculum, called Roots to Fruits, that allows them to learn how to reason and process information.NEVERCEASE

Our Call has also started schools in remote villages where children would otherwise have no access to education. Imagine being too far from any school to be able to go.

These village learning centers are built by the community, and then Our Call Missions provides the educators and Christian curriculum.

The children who are learning using Roots to Fruits are, most importantly, rooting themselves in Jesus Christ and building a relationship with Him as they grow. This, along with quality education, is the catalyst to change in their lives and the nation of Uganda because, just like Jeremiah 17:8 says, the children of Uganda will never stop producing fruit.


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