One Million People

-written by Elizabeth Onekalit

A civil war has been waging, displacing one million South Sudanese into Northern Uganda.

One million people means a large percent of children. Everything has been taken from them, education not excluded.

The children of the refugee camps have been on Our Call Missions’ mind.

Since starting the Village Learning Centers in Latordore and Anyuka, Our Call Missions has witnessed astonishing change in not only the children but the community as a whole. The Roots to Fruits curriculum is allowing the children to root themselves in the word of God which will help them grow with a biblical worldview. The curriculum is teaching them to think and to reason which will help change not only their lives but their nation as a whole.  20180622_150726

What if the learning centers could be brought to the children in the camps?

What if, even though the children don’t know when they will get to go home, they had the chance at quality education right now?

What if the Roots to Fruits curriculum could change not only the lives of Ugandan children but South Sudanese children as well?

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