…but the Lord Directs Her Steps

-Written by Elizabeth Onekalit

Lisa Coggin and Britny McCormick met each other in 2010 while Britny and her future husband, Evan, were visiting Gulu. It wasn’t in the plans to meet, but a friend was taking a trip out to Ocuka village where Lisa had a school, so the two “tagged” along. It didn’t take long for Britny to see the power of the curriculum Lisa was tirelessly writing. She remembers thinking, this could really have an impact on the country. As Britny landed back home in the states, she knew that would not be the last time she set foot in the red dirt of Northern Uganda.

Lisa continued her work as the director of Sanctuary of Grace Christian Academy all the while working to see Roots to Fruits Christian Curriculum to the finish. She knew it was a massive undertaking and she knew she needed help. As the years passed, Lisa found people interested in writing, and some of the curriculum grew into tangible lessons that could be handed to nursery and primary schools.

As Britny lived life in the states, knowing full well that God was preparing her to return to Gulu, “Roots to Fruits was always in the back of [her] mind.” After another visit to Sanctuary of Grace in 2015, Britny witnessed Roots to Fruits in action and was taken aback by the contrast of how well these classrooms ran compared to other schools she had visited in Uganda. She knew she wanted to be a part of it.

Although Lisa had finally gotten the writing help she needed, she soon realized that unless someone was there to manage Roots to Fruits to completion, it might never get done. Around this same time, Britny and her family made the move to work with Our Call Missions where she assumed she would be a writer for Roots to Fruits. Sometime within the first few weeks of her move, Lisa had mentioned the need for a project manager so Britny asked for the job description. Britny is by nature organized and the position “seemed like a natural fit for [her] gifts and talents.” After talking it over with her husband and taking it to the Lord in prayer, she accepted the position of project manager, a position that was 8 years in the making, a position God had already planned for her. Britny says that being the project manager for Roots to Fruits was not something she had foreseen but, “God knows our hearts and passions and how to best use those for His glory.” Amen.

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